About the Author & Illustrator

The Language Theater: Author Maria Beatty and Illustrator Bill Skrief

The daughter of a teacher, Maria Beatty was born & educated in Athens, Greece. She attended Athens University which excels in teacher training, completing a B.A. degree in Classics & a degree in French Language with additional studies in Byzantine Art & Greek Folk Architecture. After moving to New York, Mrs. Beatty earned a Master's Degree in French Language & Civilization from New York University.

A career teacher, Mrs. Beatty has taught Latin, Greek, Greek Mythology, Homer & Etymology for more than 20 years in New York City to children of all ages, in schools and privately. Throughout her life, she has taught and studied Greek, Ancient Greek, French, Latin and dabbled in Sanskrit. 

Special areas of interest are etymology, philosophy & writing. In addition to The Language Theater, Maria has written children's books, stories & plays, some adapted from Greek Mythology. The Language Theater Textbook and workbook fulfill a lifelong dream to give children an educationally sculpted but super-fun way to learn language. 

Bill Skrief, Illustrator & Entrepreneur, is the co-founder and partner of the award-winning boutique design firm, Deadlizard LLC, in the New York Metropolitan area.  A lifelong artist, he graduated from the Illustration program at Syracuse University in 1994 and immediately hit the ground running working at a small multimedia agency in Silicon Alley. In 1999 he started a software & design firm, Iguana Interactive, ultimately evolving it into DeadLizard LLC. 

An award winning motion graphics designer and creative director, Bill has delivered creative solutions for Sales & Marketing teams for nearly 25 years.

He's always been thankful that he's never had to work a day in his life, doing exactly what he loves. He has set up deep roots in New Jersey with his wife and three children.