The Building Blocks of Grammar: Our Cast

The Talented "Parts of Speech"
Introducing our 'cast of character' teachers, with our in-house director!

Verb | The Language Theater Grammar Book




NOUN is substantial, calm and reliable; it’s undeniable. The Role is to name! NOUN NAMES….everything!  How to find NOUN?  Ask:  “What do you call that?”  That’s a Pickle (NOUN).  “Who did that”? Maria (NOUN) did it!  The answer is always NOUN. NOUN names: people, animals, things, places, qualities, ideas. How cool is that?     “NOUN’s the name and naming is the game!”  

VERB is action itself. The role is to act and spoiler alert, VERB is the only part of speech that can create a sentence alone! Jump! Dance! There is no sentence without VERB. VERB has nerve, is full of verve and always serves! VERB can express a fact, feeling, possibility, doubt, wish, or give orders. How do you find VERB in a sentence?  Easy. Find the action.  VERB’s the NAME AND ACTION IS THE GAME!  

Noun | The Language Theater Grammar Book
Article | The Language Theater Grammar Book
ADVERB, ADVERB, “near the verb”, the name means that and a fact is a fact. Loyal, energetic and always ready to give VERB a boost, ADVERB has the juice!  The role is to vary & clarify, condition and/or beautify, cast member VERB. ADVERB’s the name and helping out VERB is the game.


ARTICLE’s role is to point!  Pointer ARTICLE is always with NOUN. (They hold hands a lot) ARTICLE is gentle, cute, quiet and unassuming but no push-over. ARTICLE knows what to be, where to be and when! ARTICLE is “THE”, “A” or “An”, thank you Ma’am. Yes, I can!     “ARTICLE is the name and pointing is the game.”

Adverb | The Language Theater Grammar Book
Adjective | The Language Theater Grammar Book
PRONOUN’s role? PRONOUN has the privilege of replacing NOUN! PRONOUN has the moves and ‘smoothes out’ language for us. PRONOUN is always on the go to make language flow. Hey! Imagine that PRONOUN didn’t exist. Go ahead. Try creating a paragraph without PRONOUN. No way!   PRONOUN’s the name and replacing NOUN is the game!

ADJECTIVE: Made of rubber” is a simple description Of ADJECTIVE as ADJECTIVE’S role in the language play is to enhance as he changes, qualifies or defines fellow actors Noun and Pronoun, making their meanings clearer and dearer. ADJECTIVE is the name and descriptive flexibility is the Game! 






 Pronoun | The Language Theater Grammar Book

Conjunction | The Language Theater Grammar Book

CONJUNCTION  - Everybody loves CONJUNCTION because CONJUNCTION loves everybody. The role is “The great matchmaker”. CONJUNCTION loves to connect words, phrases, clauses, sentences “bringing people and things together”. CONJUNCTION loves Valentines’ Day because its’ a celebration of all things CONJUNCTION!  CONJUNCTION’s the name and matchmaking is the game

Preposition is known as “The Trickster”. The role is creating relationships which can be  tricky. Preposition means ““placed before” and loves to have fun meeting the moments grammatical needs!  “The hardest working Part of Speech in show business”, PREPOSITION creates relationships with many actors in the Language Theater. In, on, of, over, above… talk about a trickster! Wow! PREPOSITION’s the name and trickster-ing is the game!

Interjection | The Language Theater Grammar Book



Preposition | The Language Theater Grammar Book 

INTERJECTION – INTERJECTION is always, well, “interjecting”! That’s the role! INTERJECTION is not shy and literally bursting with emotion! Obvious fact: INTERJECTION works alone but is a beloved and important actor in TLT cast. INTERJECTION’s the name and strong emotion is the game! (If only we could get INTERJECTION to chill! No way!)