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As a parent, the book is invaluable. 4 out of 5 stars -  Ryan Collins

Maria Beatty gives teachers, parents, and learners of the English language a
‘visual performance’ of the intricacies of grammar rules, helping them to get a
better grasp on the language and to learn. She presents the information in a
visual compelling way that makes learning fun and easy. As a parent, the book
is invaluable. As a lover of language, it's refreshing to see a book that makes
learning enjoyable for everyone of all ages. I recommend this to all parents of
children who are learning to read and write.

Wow! Fun and Clever! 5 out of 5 stars - CCW

This book is very well done! I never would have thought grammar could be as
fun as this book makes it to be. I wish I could have had this book as a
supplement/auxiliary when I was learning grammar! It would have made it
easier, and more interesting. What a unique idea to make the parts of speech
characters in a theater! Great job! I definitely recommend this book

Impressive resource! - 5 Stars - Lara

As a 5th grade ELAR teacher, this book makes my heart happy! I love how
the author personified the parts of speech. I thought the explanations were easy
to understand. I think this could be used with elementary children through
high school, and even a reference for adults. I can’t wait to share this with my
students! Now if only this could somehow be turned into a cartoon!

Fantastic Idea - 5 Stars - Tina C

The Language Theater is a fantastic idea to simplify grammar by having
colorful (and color-coded) visuals -- for the right level of learner. Each part of the
sentence has a character: verb, noun, article, adverb, conjunction, etc. And
each of these parts have their own illustration and color. It makes it easy to
pick up on patterns. And I loved how each character (part of the sentence)
related to the other characters visually through illustrations AND color-coding.


Excellent Resource  - 5 Stars - Miriam

Whether you are a teacher or a student, this book is an excellent way to teach
or learn English grammar. The colorful and whimsical characters kept my 12-
year-old interested. I only wish I had had this book when I was an ESL
teacher. I prided myself as thinking outside the box and would have
appreciated this resource. The book is entertaining while educational, and
therefore powerful as a teaching tool. I especially liked the helpful examples and


Ideal for Students & Teachers  - 5 Stars - Jim

“As a grammar nerd, a writer, a teacher, and a guy who just loves
grammar, I really enjoyed this book. The use of characters to explain proper
grammar combined with the practical exercises brings the language alive in a
vivid, relatable way. This book is ideal for students as well as teachers, and
anybody at all who would like to brush up on their skills. Brilliant in every way.

Impressive resource!  - 5 Stars - Lara

As a 5th grade ELAR teacher, this book makes my heart happy! I love how
the author personified the parts of speech. I thought the explanations were easy
to understand. I think this could be used with elementary children through
high school, and even a reference for adults. I can’t wait to share this with my

Excellent Resource - 5 Stars - Karin

Whether you are a teacher or a student, this book is an excellent way to teach
or learn English grammar. The colorful and whimsical characters kept my 12-
year-old interested. I only wish I had had this book when I was an ESL
teacher. I prided myself as "thinking outside the box” and would have
appreciated this resource. The book is entertaining while educational, and
therefore powerful as a teaching tool. I especially liked the helpful examples and


Excellent Resource for TEACHERS - 5 Stars - Shoegal694

This unique book is an excellent resource for teacher's to make grammar
lessons engaging. As a former elementary teacher, I feel the vivid illustrations
would also be helpful for English as a second-language learners. Overall,
the theatrical interpretation is imaginative and entertaining, as well as

Great resource for learning grammar - 5 Stars. - Megan Faye

This is a simple, yet fun and interactive book for younger audiences to learn
about the English language. It was informational without being dull or
overwhelming. I thought the color-coding of the different "actors" was a
very helpful addition. Overall, the imagery was very inviting and whimsical.
The concept of the English language as a theater was very creative and offered
a fresh take on a potentially dry subject.


My favorite way to learn grammar since Schoolhouse Rock! - 5 Stars Eric Shoars 

This book is terrific! English is a difficult language to learn. I know how important
learning language and parts of speech was aided by watching Schoolhouse
Rock cartoons on Saturday mornings. When I saw the author use the parts of
speech as actors on stage, I was curious because of the novel concept. The
execution of the book did not disappoint. The introduction and explanation of
each part of speech is simple and clear while providing excellent depth (a tough
high-wire act to pull off. The exercises at the end of each section provide a
simple and meaningful way for people to check themselves that they understood
the contents of each section. If you have a child learning the language or an
adult learner who is ESL, this is the book to get.


Grammar Lessons With Personality! 5 out of 5 stars  - Dean Vargo

The Language Theater‘ is a great learning and review tool for adolescents and
adults. Maria Beatty lays out the main players in sentence structure well. The
book is laid out with an easy-to-understand narrative that makes it fun to learn
grammar and Bill Skrief‘s illustrations tie a bow on a great book! The personality
of each character comes to life, as they explain the roles of verbs, nouns,
conjunctions, (and more) in sentence structure. The last time I enjoyed grammar
lessons was watching “Conjunction Junction” on Saturday mornings as a kid!
5 stars! I recommend this book for anyone looking to improve their grammar

I enjoy reading this Language Theater book! 5 out of 5 stars - Jamie Kim

Indeed, this is fun to read and with interesting illustrations! I actually bought this
book for my children to learn and enjoy … to my surprise, I enjoyed it too!
Grammar lessons are really not so boring at all if you use this book! Everything
you need is here and one can select individual pages to attend to the needs of
young children through middle school. This is a must have!

Fun for Kids 5 out of 5 stars - David J. West

The Language Theater is a fun way for kids to learn about English grammar -
always a weak point for me. I read through it with my daughter and the cartoon
characters helped her get a grasp on the different concepts throughout from the
standard verb and noun to prepositions etc.

Brilliant! 5 out of 5 stars  - CKAT

I work in SEN and getting my cohorts to engage with the concepts of grammar is
really hard. Maria Beatty's book manages to explain the different 'actors' in a
sentence effortlessly and - really important - simply! The illustrations are fun,
make the subject much less dry and also really appeal to my cohort. If I could
give it a sixth star, I would.


Grammar Is Entertaining & Educational . 5 out of 5 stars - Robert F Tierno

I thoroughly enjoyed the graphic figures and each example for teaching
grammar to children & adults. This book would also make a good video.
Grammar was difficult for me as a child eons ago and I am encouraged by this
type of educational delivery for our children. Great read!

Good Grammar book for Middle School. 5 out of 5 stars  - Hope L.

This was a great book for my middle school niece & nephew who are just
moving into the USA from west Africa. We enjoyed the book and definitely

Grammar is fun! 5 out of 5 stars - Ben

Wonderful and enjoyable guide to grammar!!

Engaging! 5 out of 5 stars - Joey T.

A captivating and beautiful grammar tool.

Fun way to teach and learn English grammar 4 out of 5 stars - Jeff Michaelson

Great resource for teachers and parents to learn the English language.
Wonderfully illustrated.

Really Enjoyed it. 5 out of 5 stars - Sharon B Jensen

This book is educational, informative, and whimsical all at once!! I am not a
teacher but I really enjoyed it!!!

Provides a great foundational understanding of grammar ! 5 stars - Elliot Jensen

This book is a surprisingly fun way to learn and teach grammar. The illustrations
are super cool!

English Grammar made easy and interesting! 5 out of 5 stars - Meit D.

Excellent content and interesting graphics make it easier for children to learn
and understand.

Excellent Grammar Book - 5 out of 5 stars - Casey

This is a well-written and thoroughly interesting book to help with the
understanding of English grammar. I am going to pass this on to my nine-year-
old daughter (whom I'm sure will love it!). Recommended!

Marvelous grammar book - 5 out of 5 stars  - Mark and Diane

The Language Theater is described by the author as suitable for ages 9 -13, but
it is also definitely helpful as a comfortable review for adults of all ages and
education levels, which the author makes clear at the book's beginning. She
also advises that it would be helpful to those learning English as a second
language, and this is clearly the case. I truly enjoyed going through this book as
a refresher for myself. The simple, step-by-step method that the author uses in
The Language Theater makes the whole process easy and interesting, which is
especially nice for a topic that can be so very boring. The material is aided by
cheerful, simple, and colorful illustrations that add just the right touch to this
unique book. The exercises and summaries at the end of each
section provide nice reinforcement of the preceding lessons. There's a lot to
learn and enjoy in this fine book. Five stars all the way.

5 out of 5 stars Grammar Can Be Fun ! M. Nonesel

As an English major, I really enjoyed the material. A lot went into making
grammar learning fun.

5 out of 5 stars Grammar is fun!

Wonderful and enjoyable guide to grammar!!

Grammar Can Be Fun ! 5 out of 5 stars - Joe D.

As an English major, I really enjoyed the material. A lot went into making
grammar learning fun.


The Best I’ve seen  - 5 Stars - Steve

I am not an education professional, but my wife has been an elementary
teacher, a principal of a private school, and a curriculum developer. I have
collaborated with her on an illustrated children's drug education workbook and I
am familiar with several grammar education methods. The Language
Theater may be the best I've seen, for several reasons that are basic to learning.
1. First, it immediately gets on a child's wavelength with excellent character
illustrations. There is a spirit of play that delivers the message, and this
buoyancy is sustained from start to finish.
2. The balance between the significance of grammar and the fun pictorial
examples is exceptional. A child can assimilate the concepts much more readily
vs. a text-only approach.
3. The exercises that consult the lesson just covered give the student or tutor or
teacher the ability to see how well the lesson was understood. If there are any
confusing issues, they will appear. I recommend going over the lesson again, as
needed until the student is bright and comprehending 100%. There are also
exercises with sketches, another great learning tool to demonstrate
4. The relationships between the parts of speech are a strong point in this text.
A student who is guided along with full comprehension of each lesson should
begin to appreciate sentence construction and the communication power of the
English language.


Color-coordination helped a bunch  - 5 Stars - artoodee2

The Language Theater was given to me by my sister, who had bought this for
her son. I found myself looking through and then went back to read it. I love the
way it simplified grammar and had illustrations to help. The characters being
color-coordinated help my nephew a bunch. It’s been hard since he’s been
home for a bunch of reasons. It made my sister feel better about him not falling
behind in English. The little quizzes at the end of the chapters really made sure
that we retained the information.

The best grammar book I have ever read!- 5 Stars Johanna Smith

"The Language Theater" presents grammar instruction in a new way--by
personifying each grammatical convention and making it into a stage actor. And
it is greatly effective and absolutely adorable! I don't think I have ever seen
anything so creative to teach a subject that is usually so droll and formulaic. The
illustrations are as charming as the text. I highly recommend this book for
homeschoolers and ESL teachers.

Definitely Recommend - 5 Stars - Amber Shimel 

My daughter absolutely loved this book! As soon as I gave it to her, she started
reading it and completing activities. The lessons are so well organized, and they
are presented in a fun, new way. Definitely recommend!

What a marvelous creation is TLT! - 5 Stars Plus – Deepak Vakil

To be honest with you, it is a crime to call THE LANGUAGE THEATER a
BOOK. IT IS AN INSULT to Maria Beatty's efforts. THE LANGUAGE THEATER is a DRAMA, a PLAY. creatively crafted and produced by Maria Beatty,
gorgeously illustrated by Bill Skrief and skillfully directed by editor Glenn Beatty.
Every word is drawn and colored with a palette of meaning. This inventive
visual grammar teaching system lovingly helps children learn the beauty
of language effortlessly. Being an author myself, I know how difficult it is to
create anything like this. Hats off to you
Deepak.Vakil, Author
Get Up, Don't Give Up!
The World Is Yours, Provided...
The Bottom Line.


A MUST BUY! 4 out of 5 stars - Marilyn Ruiz

This book is a must buy. I bought it to teach my niece grammar and she was so
engaged when I was reading it. The colorful illustrations made this book really
fun for her. She is 10 years old, but I would say this book could also help
older people with their grammar or it would be great to freshen up if you have
forgotten some things.

A fun way to learn English grammar. 4 out of 5 stars - Robert Roberge Jr.

This book is a fun way for kids to learn grammar. The concepts are presented in
a simple manner, the examples are easy to grasp, and each chapter includes a
brief quiz at the end to reinforce what was learned. There is an answer key for
the quizzes at the end of the book. The illustrations add a fun, motivational

Amazon Reviews: WORKBOOK

A truly unique concept! 5.0 out of 5 stars - Valdora4

This book provides a great way for kids to learn grammar in a visual way while having fun. The illustrations are wonderful, and in themselves add to the fun nature of the book. The author has done an amazing job in coming up with these ideas and exercises. Highly recommended!


My Daughter Loved It! 5.0 out of 5 stars  - Jason

This is a great little workbook to help kids improve their grammar. There are a lot of fun pictures and explanations of each grammar type. Though simple, it is very effective and like I said, my daughter really enjoyed it. She liked learning the grammar and rules and then spending time doing the workbook and coloring the pictures. I highly recommend this - very good!

 Great, fun grammar workbook 5.0 out of 5 stars - Scarlett

As a parent, I found this useful. It helps reinforce what children have learned in school. About half of the exercises are standard-looking and half are more fun. It does not teach all of the grammatical concepts, so beware if you don’t know the difference between a coordinate and subordinate conjunction! You may need another book or webpage to sort that out. Luckily, there’s an answer key at the end.

The book is meant for children to review and practice what has already been taught. The art is fun. Many of the stories are based on Greek mythology and history. The exercises are both closed-ended, like finding all the words listed, and open-ended, like drawing a picture or writing a story. If you get stuck, you can always color in the pictures!


Color the Parts of Speech Characters! 4.0 out of 5 stars - Mak

The book has a lot of cute characters to color and packed full of fun grammar practice lessons! 


Provides strong grammatical practice and worksheets  5.0 out of 5 stars  Mel Dashing             

The book is a bit of a scattershot of English Grammar exercises and lessons. It provides strong grammatical practice and worksheets. It is a straightforward grammar text with a lot of the characters (Parts of Speech) you see on the cover popping up in the margins and background throughout the pages. Beyond that it is mainly solid grammar exercises and work. There were some role plays, but quite a few educational resources (grammar as well) are rich in role play. Still the information is very solid and useful.


5.0 out of 5 stars Great (Workbook) teaching tool to supplement grammar lesson! (Love the illustrations!) - Amazon Reader

This is an engaging workbook that has the potential to be a great learning tool. There are a wide range of activities for individuals with different levels of understanding. (Think: fill-in-the-blank, matching, and word searches). I like that the workbook doesn't just include the assignments but also that each includes these very creative illustrations (which really make the book!) and some basic foundational information about the topic covered. The explanatory text will likely be a great reminder for students who heard a lecture about a particular topic but would welcome a little refresher. The explanations are cute and clever and will likely assist students to remember what is what. (For example, a wonderfully drawn Part of Speech, ‘Conjunction’ explains that a Conjunction is defined as the great ‘matchmaker’, who connects words and phrases). All the pages have these simple but inviting characters that will likely make you laugh. The one caveat is that this is likely as not a workbook you can give a student and have them work on their own because some concepts may need additional explanation. Of course, the workbook has a corresponding textbook, so my assumption is that there will be some additional guidance there. Overall, this workbook has the potential to be an entertaining and effective learning tool.


Great, Fun Grammar book 5.0 out of 5 stars Carlos Stanley

The book is designed to help you quickly understand the basics: to see, hear and feel what each Part of Speech does. This fun, theatrical Language Theater playbook (Workbook) reinforces and tests grammar learned. It is enjoyable.