5 Tools Parents Can Use To Help Their Kids Learn Important Grammar Skills

Some argue that grammar is no longer important, particularly in a world where texting and slang words are common. With so many emojis to select from, who has time to worry about misplaced modifiers?

Correct grammar is crucial since it is the key aspect of both oral and written communication that allows our words to be understood effectively. Using poor grammar can result in nonsensical phrases and a muddled message, which can lead to a communication partner's misunderstanding. 

Proper grammar makes it simpler for others to grasp what you're saying and may make the communication process more pleasurable.

As a child grows older and learns to articulate their thoughts and ideas in writing, grammar becomes increasingly crucial. Children may express themselves clearly and create excellent foundation abilities for written documentation in the future if they have a basic comprehension of the different grammatical components of language.

You, as a parent, want to give your child the best opportunity.  

It's a difficult job to be a teacher though!

With the start of a new distant learning school year owing to the COVID-19 outbreak, many parents are feeling pressured to offer that kind of support to their children, frequently while working full-time. That's no simple task, especially when it comes to helping them improve their writing abilities, and parents are looking for ways to assist their children to learn more effectively.

Parents may help their children overcome these obstacles by offering specific feedback, praise, and encouragement, as well as establishing a space—whether a desk or a comfortable seat—for their child to sit and write.

Parents may utilize a variety of digital tools to assist their children to improve their grammar and writing abilities. 

  1. The Language Theater Textbook
  2. Grammar Monster
  3. Purdue Online Writing Lab
  4. Usingenglish.com
  5. Cambridge Apps

Here are five tools that parents can use to help their children. 

Let’s begin! 

The Language Theater 

While most grammar sites or books focus on older adults, The Language Theater has a specific audience it wants to target. 

The Language Theater is designed for middle school students. It may be used by people of all ages. It's ideal for English as a Second Language students, homeschoolers, and pupils with special needs since it's visually focused. It also serves as a great visual reference/story-telling tool for parents.

The Language Theater is a one-of-a-kind English Grammar book. Maria Beatty has put a lot of care and knowledge into the engaging, instructional design of this book, which provides a useful sequence of easy-to-understand lessons. She has designed a must-have grammar book for schools in the United States and throughout the world.

Grammar Monster 

Grammar Monster is a website that provides both rapid and extensive information about all things related to grammar. It also includes a brief exam for each of its sections.  This way you can see how well you comprehended the material.

Purdue Online Writing Lab 

Purdue OWL is as extensive as English learning materials come, with everything from grammar to specific resources for English language learners, professionals, and English teachers.


This is another tool parents can use for their kids.  UsingEnglish.com isn't the place to go if you're seeking English grammar courses, but it does include a pretty thorough grammatical glossary. The site also has a large number of exams and quizzes that will keep you busy for quite some time.

Cambridge Apps 

The Grammar in Use series of apps from Cambridge University Press includes three apps: one for beginners, one for intermediate learners, and one for advanced English language learners, each of which corresponds to a CUP book. 

While the apps may not include all of the information from the books, they are jam-packed with exercises that can help you learn English grammar whenever and wherever you choose.

Final Thoughts

Parents have a tough job as it is ensuring that their kids have what they need.  In addition to love and support, parents are assisting their children with their education too. You want to give your child a successful head start.

Grammar is significant because it gives information that aids in the comprehension of the reader. It is the framework that allows the writer to transmit exact meaning to the audience.

It’s important to remove grammatical faults from your work and provide clear communication to your peers

You will come across as more clever, educated, and professional if you use proper grammar. Clients may be turned off by poor grammar, especially if you're a writer. A single error isn't a huge concern, but a string of them implies a lack of attention to detail.

When writing an essay, pitch, or cover letter for a job interview, it's OK to use poor grammar, but not so much when writing an essay, pitch, or cover letter. If you want to be a leader, you should work on your communication and grammatical abilities. 

If you plan to attend college or graduate school, solid written grammar skills are essential for producing high-quality essays.

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